Sorting stuff : stuff in reality, stuff we think about, and sorting stuff in molecular biology

Some finding from my PhD have been published in the Journal of Documentation under the title ‘Ontological realism, concepts and classification in molecular biology: development and application of the Gene Ontology’.

Put simply – how do we classify stuff, and do scientists classify stuff differently to the rest of us?

It is remiss of the publisher to not capitalise the proper name ‘Gene Ontology’.

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Forty-something, drunk, and an expensive visit on the NHS

Dr Foster Intelligence – a health data intelligence company – has pushed out some numbers on drug and alcohol-related admissions to Accident and Emergency departments, and forty-somethings get fingered in the headline. The results seem to be sucked from HSCIC data drawn from A&E departments across the country, where admissions get coded, and a patient’s inebriation / highness will be recorded if evidently linked to a visit.

The interesting bit is this hump in the graph below – as a proportion of total visits, there’s a disproportionate number of emergency admissions of the drunk and wasted as you approach the middle-age group, and this tails off again as you get older. Oh, and a lot of people getting admitted are poor. But poor people don’t make such an exciting headline.

How could you act on these sorts of numbers? Trips to A&E are expensive, so the implication is that targeted public health interventions for middle-aged adults might be helpful. What is so bonkers though is this general upward trend in people drinking so much, they end up in an emergency department.

If you do have an alcohol or drug problem in Camden, there are lots of local organisations that offer help.

Infographic showing drug and alcohol-related admissions

Dr Foster A4 shareable graphic of drug and alcohol problem in UK NHS Accident and Emergency

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December 9, 2013 · 2:50 pm

New Surly Cross Check naming ceremony

I think I’ll call her Sharon.

sharon-surly-cross-check-singleI think I’ll call her Sharon.

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December 6, 2013 · 5:35 pm

Kings Fund animation explains the inexplicable – what is commissioning?

Natty animation produced by the Kings Fund explaining the new NHS commissioning landscape for primary care.

It even has a go at describing what a ‘Commissioning Support Unit’ is, which is a bit like having a bash  at solving Fermat’s Last Theorem.

Take from:

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December 4, 2013 · 10:43 am

Camden scoring well on drinking itself to death

Bottoms up! Whilst Camden is losing the race to smoke itself stupid against many rival boroughs on the Public Health England Smash Hits Mortality Ranking, we can take heart from the stirring statistic that we rank way down the table for liver disease at a hepatic-tissue-hardening 130th in the country.

I’m quite sure we could pass many an hour pondering the reasons, or perhaps simply walk up and down the High Street at the weekend and try and calculate just how much booze is swilled from Mornington Crescent to Chalk Farm between Friday night and Sunday morning.

Answers on a postcard -  or guestimated from Oystercard trip data and wholesale alcohol trade to registered vendors in Camden.



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New Camden Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) website is oop

I’ve been working with a developer from North and East London Commissioning Support Unit to refresh the Camden CCG website and we went live this weekend.

There’s still work to do on the search functionality and some content, but otherwise the new, simpler style is working well.

It is responsive and plays nicely with browsers on mobile devices, plus the site is very easy to manage because it is essentially split into only two streams of content, news and publications.

These streams dynamically populate other pages on the site, which will hopefully keep the CCG site looking fresh without the overhead involved in managing lots of static pages.

Screenshot of the homepage from the Camden CCG NHS website

Screenshot of the homepage from the Camden CCG NHS website

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Mmmmm – NHS Web colour palette

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April 20, 2013 · 2:59 pm